Finsch Diamond Mine, South Africa.

Open pit and underground dewatering design to achieve reduced water levels to 1.2km for block cave.  Technique used was a decline and underground dewatering tunnels with deep (>250m large diameter raise bore holes for pumping from 1.2km).

Venetia Mine, South Arica.

Dewatering achieved by in-pit and pit perimeter dewatering boreholes plus angled footwall and accurately designed sumps. Water level reduced by 220m

CLC Copper Mine, Spain.

Geology sediments and volcanic rock.  Dewatering design for open pit and underground using re-injection wells to prevent impact on neighbouring farmers.  Water level reduced by 130m.  Underground transition in progress with limited cone.

Mir Open Pit Diamond Mine, Mirny, Siberia.

The mine is more than 525 meters deep, has a diameter of 1,200 m in permafrost. Following the flooding in 2018 KLMCS assisted Sight-power with the new design for the underground dewatering and freeze ring to resume UG Mining post flooding. Data base update and new design for accurate water pressure monitoring was included.

Konkola Copper Mine, Zambia.

Advice on new water diversion and dewatering design for 1.2km deep mine in Zambian copper belt

Design to reduce underground pumping from 340 000 tonnes/day to 170 000 tonnes /day

Karowe Diamond Mine, Botswana.

Initial water supply and dewatering design for new open pit diamond mine in central Kalahari.

Used information on the regional aquifers to reduce capex for opening of mine by combining dewatering with water supply.  

Cullinan Diamond Mine, South Africa.

Dewatering design for block cave using targeted underground pumping boreholes rilled with raise-bore rigs to divert water from block cave sectors.

Grasberg Mine, Indonesia.

Gold mine at  5000m altitude with 5m rainfall/year.

Reviewed dewatering design for open pit to underground transition and advised on use of accurate water pressure monitoring to control and divert water from the new block cave.      

Kimberley Mines, South Africa.

Mud rush investigation and flood control

40 years’ experience in advising mines on mud rush reduction and flood water control. Modelling of underground mine and water tunnels  

Kamoa-Kakula, DRC.

Kamoa-Kakula has been independently ranked among the world’s 10 largest copper deposits in the world, high-grade copper discovery.

Mine dewatering review

Ewoyaa Lithium Project, Ghana.

Hydrogeology assessment

Initial mine dewatering Design

Orapa Mine, Botswana. 

Initial water supply design and then dewatering design for open pit. Water levels reduced by 120m at pit centre. Successful dewatering and combined water supply for over 30 years.

Letlhakane diamond mine, Botswana.

KLMCS did the original design in 1990’s then handed over to Anglo America n. Water levels reduced by 300m over 30 years using pit perimeter boreholes and VW piezometers to steepen slopes.

Jwaneng diamond Mine, Botswana.

In -pit and pit perimeter dewatering boreholes used to lower water levels by 220m in dolomite and shale aquifers. Accurate storm water to control leakage into pit shoulders and ZOR.

Hail Creek Coal Mine, Gold coast Australia.

In-pit and pit perimeter dewatering boreholes used to lower water levels by 120m. River diversion and improved storm water control and monitoring. Early warning system for cyclonic rainfall events and risk reduction.

BHP Iron ore Pilbara Australia.

Combination of in-pit and pit perimeter dewatering boreholes used to lower water level by 80m. Dashboards used to link KPI’s to dewatering levels.

Reduced costs by US$28M.

Skorpion Zinc open pit Namibia.

In-pit and  Pit perimeter boreholes used to lower water levels by 100m for extraction of zinc ore.   Accurate monitoring of VW piezos to improve slope stability and reduce waste stripping

Minim Martap, Cameroon.

Design for bauxite mine water control.

Design uses drains and holding ponds to control heavy seasonal rainfall and improve travelling

Luaxe kimberlite open pit , Angola.

Conceptual model for dewatering design for flooded pit 2019.  

Crocodile River mine, South Africa.

Numerical model for the dewatering of the flooded underground Crocodile river mine South Africa.

Design for dewatering of the flooded mine for re-opening

Bunker Hill Silver Mine Idaho, USA.

Numerical modelling of the flooded Silver mine for the dewatering of 1.2km depth of tunnels in complex geology under a mountain range 

Bultfontein Mine, South Africa.

In May 2018 Bultfontein mine experienced a massive mud rush from the muck pile then in February 2019 the same mine experienced a large volume flood. KLM Consulting Services modelled the kimberlite and mine to simulate the causes of mud rushes and flooding to  enable an understanding of the causes and origin of the mud and flood water.

Bellsbank kimberlite mine, South Africa.

KLMCS modelled the flooded mine to understand origins and quantities of water for a proposed mine re-opening.

Catoca Diamond Mine, Angola.

Regional groundwater monitoring borehole and long term automatic network installation around the TSF. Aid mine management toward GISTM compliance. Advice on open pit to underground transition.