About Us

KLMCS is committed to providing the most applicable technology for solving ground water problems. Our Clients are assured of complete dedication to accurate collection of relevant data, presentation of information and of performing cost-effective analysis, so as to increase knowledge, meet their needs and improve their profitability.

Our services include ground water resource assessment; mine dewatering design and application; ground water supply; pollution control and remediation.
Emphasis is on using tried and tested techniques developed by KLMCS, so as to reduce costs and improve ground water control and utilization. Techniques developed on mining projects are transferred to development projects in remote areas. KLMCS recognizes the need to achieve a balance between industrial development and environmental responsibility. Our vision is to continue serving the mining, energy and industrial sector, providing feasible, environmentally sound solutions and expanding our services to include the implementation of remedial techniques as required.


Dr Kym Morton has 42 years’ international experience in mine water supply, geotechnical evaluation, dewatering design and tailings water management. Her qualifications include BSc Honours Kings College, MSc Hydrogeology University College, PhD Mining hydrology Imperial College, MBA Imperial College, with registrations including; Chartered Geologist (UK), Fellow SA Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, Fellow of the Geological Society UK, Fellow of the South African Geological Society, Member of the international Association of Hydrogeologists, Editor of the International Journal of Mine Water and Pr Sci Nat (South Africa).


Wayne van Heerden is a highly skilled GIS specialist with 18 years of experience in the geospatial field with experience in mine water supply, dewatering design and tailings water management. He holds a B-Tech in development and is currently completing his B-Com in Law. Known for exceptional spatial analysis skills and expertise in GIS software, he has consistently delivered accurate and impactful geospatial solutions. He is well-versed in ArcGIS, QGIS, Leapfrog Geo, and many other software packages. Wayne has a proven track record of creating detailed spatial models, optimizing data collection workflows, and improving geographic data accuracy. He is passionate about leveraging GIS to address complex spatial challenges.


Moses Msitsini holds a BSc (Hons) in Geohydrology from University of the Free State. He has Experience in geophysical surveys and borehole siting, drilling supervision and pump test analysis, groundwater monitoring assessments, groundwater contamination impact assessments, DTH boreholes assessments and geological mapping.


Pieter Holzhausen holds a MSc in Environmental Sciences – Hydrogeology from North-West University. He is an experienced Environmental Assessment Practitioner in all stages of consulting i.e., project management, client consulting, field surveys, environmental monitoring, and reporting. Strong background in spatial analysis with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and data management as well as ground- and surface water monitoring and chemical results interpretation. Experience with remote sensing (airborne geophysics).


Maluleke Ntsako Victor is a dedicated hydrogeologist with a BSc (Hons) in Hydrogeology from the University of the Free State. He is currently working on his MSc in hydrogeology and is registered with the South African Geological Society, Groundwater Division of the Geological Society of South Africa, Water Institute of South Africa, and Professional Natural Scientist (SACNASP). He has extensive experience and skills in hydrogeology and geology required for the development, evaluation, and management of groundwater resources. His expertise includes conducting groundwater numerical modelling, hydrocensus, analysing surface and groundwater quality, monitoring, and sampling, analysing pump tests, supervising drilling, managing data capture, processing, and management, and providing recommendations for groundwater management.


During his 33 years of researching the geology of Africa he has been employed for 10 years as a researcher by the Geological Survey of South Africa (now the Council for Geoscience), has lectured at the Universities of Durban-Westville, KwaZulu-Natal, and Limpopo. At the latter institution, he held the posts of Associate Professor and Head of Department. Dr Millsteed has been engaged in consulting to the mineral industry since 2007 and has been involved in exploration programs for a diverse portfolio of commodities including uranium, molybdenum, gold, copper, and industrial minerals. These activities have utilised his skills as an expert stratigrapher, geological mapper and structural interpreter, and have been an integral component of the success of these exploration programs. The participation in these exploration programs has also involved considerable experience in the compilation and implementation of environmental management and rehabilitation programs, as well as risk identification and mitigation. More recently, the skills in geological mapping and structural interpretation have been utilized for the compilation of a series of hydrostructural models to assist in the development of effective mine dewatering strategies. This has resulted in the recognition of the importance of TSF as part of the fluid flow pathway, and the importance of understanding the structural connections of TSFs to the rock masses and mine voids. Importantly, this experience also has provided insight to mapping pollution plumes and the stability of TSFs.