Dr K.L. Morton CEO

Water, Sustainability and Mining Strategist

Pragmatic, specialist, advisor on reducing the cost of water to business. Expert mining hydrologist and consulting hydrogeologist. Passionate about the economic benefits of sustainability. Board advisor on growth and innovation. Long term board contributor.

Work Experience

1989 – Present

CEO at KLM Consulting Services Pty Ltd


Expert on mine dewatering design worldwide
Expert on Sub Saharan and semi-arid water management and investment. Geothermal, hydro fracking and deep drilling advisor.
Reduced water management costs for BHP Billiton IO by US$28M/yr.
Designed risk and water management systems to accelerate growth of multi-nationals.
Used accurate water monitoring and management to increase open pit slope angles & profitability by US$1Bn/yr for De Beers Botswana and Rio Tinto Coal Mines
Reduced mud rush risk and increased profitability for 5 ultra-deep mines. Original design for block cave dewatering.
Advised on accurate monitoring, automation, dashboard development and reduction in water risk on over 300 projects world-wide.
Eighteen years as advisor on mine dewatering and slope stability integration for De Beers and Debswana

1982 – 1989

Consulting Hydrogeologist at SRK Consulting


Explored, developed and implemented 40 year x 12 Mm³/hr wellfield as sole water supply in Africa
Reduced water costs for Coal, Gold, Diamond and Base metal mining
Developed numerical techniques for mine inflow predictions


Hydrogeologist at Dames and Moore (now URS) Consulting Engineers


Identified deep aquifers and mine dewatering techniques for lead, zinc, gold, diamond and coal mines
Integrated surface and ground water usage. Built first numerical model for fractured, sedimentary aquifers

Memberships and Registration

Chartered Geologist (UK)
International Association of Hydrogeologists
International Mine Water Association
Fellow of Geological Society
Fellow of SA Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Registered Professional Natural Scientist (SA)

Skills & Competences

Problem Solving
Thinking through first principles
Attention to detail
Verbal & written communication
Leadership Time management

Publications and Lectureships

Over 30 Peer reviewed technical publications.
Associate Lecturer at 11 Universities

Board Appointments

South African Council for Geosciences
Groundwater Relief
UNESCO Scientific and technical committee for Ramsar Convention


2008 PhD on Mining Hydrology and deep groundwater

Imperial College, London

2015 MBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Imperial College, London

1984 MSc Hydrogeology

University College, London

1980 BSc Honours Geology

Kings College, London

2014 Diploma Non Executive Directorship

Financial Times

2015 DIC

Imperial College, London