Groundwater Management

Groundwater supply in Southern Africa accounts for 50% to 85% of the domestic supply in rural areas. Due to declining rainfall, demand for groundwater is increasing. Municipalities and private companies need to ensure the most efficient use of existing resources.

Over the past twenty years, KLM Consulting Services has identified, developed and implemented large scale wellfields (6Mm³/yr to 12Mm³/yr) and designed their management programmes.

KLMCS understands it is important that for future generations, these resources are managed sustainably and effectively.

We also have expertise in:
  • Tailings Dam Monitoring (IOT)
  • Groundwater exploration and hydrocensus;
  • Groundwater exploration programmes using remote sensing and geophysical methods;
  • Down-hole geophysical logging surveys;
  • Preparation of terms of references (scope of work) for drilling and pumping test activities;
  • Supervision of drilling and pump testing of water supply boreholes;
  • Design of boreholes and supervision of construction;
  • Design and implementation of aquifer pumping tests;
  • Analysis of aquifer testing and evaluation;
  • Groundwater sampling according to internationally acceptable protocols;
  • Water quality assessment;
  • Numerical modelling of groundwater flow and solute transport;
  • Aquifer monitoring;
  • Licensing with authorities;
  • Artificial recharge programs;
  • Management, development and monitoring of well fields and major aquifers;
  • Writing of Bankable Feasibility studies;
  • Review of Bankable feasibility studies.

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